About Us

Bark is an indie public relations house for those in a creative field, startups and non profits.

Jeanette Fernandez

We aim to support these diverse communities by becoming a partner in communication. You create something beautiful. We help share it. It’s that simple.

Our Philosophy

Bark is modern public relations owned by Heavy Heavy. We believe good PR is not about creating angles. It’s about creative storytelling that produces a meaningful connection. We make every effort to craft a narrative that resonates with your audience via communication that makes sense to you.

We’re not a big-size marketing machine or corporation. Bark is a small studio, born from creatives and startups, who wanted to offer others a way to share their work and voice through a more personal process. We’re a hands on team that understands our clients’ specific needs and knows what it takes to creates content and messaging that specifically targets your audience, grows with you, and works for you.

Our approach is based on genuine and respectful communication with today’s traditional media and online influencers – readers, viewers, bloggers and journalists – and their varied editorial needs. We help to develop opportunities that uniquely represent your work.

What we do.

Bark PR offers savvy, cost effective services that are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Media Relations

  • Press Releases & Outreach
  • Campaign Initiatives
  • Editorial Placement
  • Media Management
  • Blogging Opportunities

Message Planning

  • Media Research
  • Multiple Story Direction
  • Audience Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Marketing Initiatives

Content Direction

  • Bios
  • Newsletters
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Online Content Development
  • Press Kit Creation